Stand-Alone Spirit

Brad, October 22, 2007

This month has been very cleansing for me.  I am starting to really dig deep and rake out the muck that is my fundamental darkness…

Brad, September 28, 2007
I was once told that when writing a poem, I should just write what I feel, but in the final edit cut out the last and first line. Also, when stuck, write: “This is what I feel.” Well, “This is what I feel”…

Brad, August 31, 2007
This month has been quite extraordinary for me. I’ve had a few really terrible things happen to me and also some very wonderful things happen as well. Of course, I was the one mostly responsible for both…

Cybele, July 19, 2007
I got a taste of the stand-alone spirit when I joined the United States Peace Corps in September of 2004...

Brad, July 9, 2007
This month for me has been a emotional and spiritual roller coaster…

Brad, June 14, 2007
My name is Brad Jadwin. I’ve been asked by my good friend Nina Alvarez to write a monthly, or so, blog about my “stand-alone spirit.”…

cybe.jpgCybele is a Pennsylvania native
who joined the Peace Corps
after working as a management
consultant in New York City.
She will be starting graduate studies
in international affairs in the fall.

6 thoughts on “Stand-Alone Spirit

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  3. Hi! I am Carol from SGI Philippines! It is always revitalizing and inspiring to read your messages!
    I have come to practice the stand-alone spirit at work when I had to move our from my comfort zone in pursuit of better career. Had I not developed myself as a Young Woman’s Division member and leader, I couldn’t have survived the harshness reality offers.

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